Yin Yoga – no resistance

I went to a lovely 2-hour yin yoga workshop yesterday with Lila Conway of yogaprema.half saddleLots of postures held for several minutes in a meditative fashion. This is half saddle above.

These deeply held postures work the connective tissue and ligaments, rather than just the surface muscle fibres. As Lila says, “our issues are in our tissues”.

forward bend

Try this and hold it for at least 3 minutes – maybe put a bolster or cushion across your lap and a block to rest your head on, if you can’t fold far forwards. It’s all about finding a place where you are comfortably stretching yourself, at your “edge”. But don’t go too far. Make sure you can breathe and then you can focus on being there and being still. Enjoy it. Don’t resist it.

Look for where you create resistance in yourself, both physically and emotionally and relax.

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