Mindful yoga and meditation for relaxation

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Yoga in St George's Park 2012

Yoga in St George’s Park 2012

LIVE St George Community Centre, Bristol, BS5,
ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY from 2nd Nov teaching in person
ALSO LIVE ON ZOOM so you can choose which feels safest

Monday 7.15-8.15pm £8 

This is a very gentle, meditative yoga class, suitable for all levels, ages and physical abilities. The aim of the class is to create a welcoming, inclusive space for you to relax and nurture yourself. I use visualisation techniques to create peaceful or joyful states of mind during the class. We also do meditation and breathing techniques. Anyone who has health issues is encouraged to work at their own pace or sit on a chair if they can’t manage the floor. Hopefully, you will learn techniques that you can take away with you and incorporate into your everyday life to deal with stressful times.

Take some time out to relax and energise yourself. Modern life is hectic and goal-oriented, but yoga teaches us to enjoy the present moment. Learn skills for a blissful, healthy and stress-free life. More simply, yoga can help you relax and sleep, improve your digestion and increase your self-esteem.

Sally teaches hatha yoga with an emphasis on breathing, meditation and visualisations. Classes are suitable for beginners and improvers. Individuals are encouraged to work within their own ability. Class structure varies from Yoga teaching in St George, Bristolweek to week.

“I believe that you can only truly teach what you have experienced and what has touched your own life. I hope to share what I have learnt with other people.”

Please ring me to discuss the class or any concerns you might have about yoga. If you have chronic health problems you may wish to get advice from your doctor before coming to class.



“Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.”
Swami Vishnu-Devananda

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