♥ Group class – Mondays 7.15-8.15pm,
St George Community Centre, LIVE FROM 2ND NOV, pre-booked only 

COVID-19: Classes will also be simultaneously LIVE on Zoom or you can request a recording of the class to watch later.

 ♥ Yoga and walking workshops
TBC 2020 (click here for details)

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Do you suffer from stress, stiffness, anxiety, depression, low mood, ME, chronic Yoga poses Dad 20th July 2012 069

fatigue or other debilitating conditions? Maybe a deeply relaxing movement class that incorporates mindfulness and positive visualisation can help you deal with it. Often the stress compounds the problem – emotional stress becomes physical illness. Through relaxation and acceptance we allow our bodies space to recover.

This is a deeply nurturing form of hatha yoga that incorporates meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), mindfulness, and many visualisation techniques, including mudras, to help relax and focus the mind.

a yoga mudra for relaxation and focusing
Apan mudra

The yoga postures (asanas) are simple and focus on co-ordinating movement with breath and being mindful of your body. They are mostly seated, lying or on all fours. We often use chairs or cushions for support. You will gently work on all parts of the body, particularly the spine, to maintain flexibility. We might hold stretches for a while to deeply relax the deep muscle fibres and joints. This is a very safe form of yoga that feels as if you are not doing much but is deeply relaxing to your mind and body.

The techniques that I teach are simple and can safely be practiced at home. (Some are on my blog here or on www.chasingsheep.co.uk)


Here is a short relaxation for you to try at home (recorded in a class Jan 2019) Enjoy!


I have many years of experience of yoga teaching and practice in diverse styles. From these and my own personal need for relaxation and meditation techniques, I have devised a gentle and relaxing form of yoga practice that incorporates a wide variety of physical and emotional relaxation techniques to calm the mind and ease the body. In the last few years I have suffered chronic health and back problems which have left me unable to do physically demanding yoga postures. Therefore I have adapted the postures to be suitable for everyone, however physically challenged. Physical problems bring their own emotional challenges: I find it hard to be stuck at home, but I have really come to appreciate the relaxation techniques that I have learnt. I can honestly say that my own daily meditation practice and gentle yoga practice has kept me healthy and sane the last few years.

It is not fashionable to teach a class that is not physically challenging, however with more of us suffering the stresses of the relentless pace of modern life, if not depression itself, it makes sense to do a practice that slows things down and helps us relax. The short time that you are in a yoga class might be the only time in the week that you truly switch off and see how your body feels and what it needs. I encourage you to be mindful of your physical body, your mind and your breath in my classes. I remind you to be present.

“Be ground, be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are.
You have been strong for too many years.
Try something different and surrender.” Rumi


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