Listen to a birth visualisation and relax ♥

I am happy to say that I have uploaded a recording of a visualisation recorded in my pregnancy yoga class on 6th August 2018. It is 11 minutes long and can be listened to at anytime during pregnancy (or even not in pregnancy!). It will help you visualise your body opening up gently to allow your baby into the world.

See the pregnancy page on my website for the recording.

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Yoga for Pregnancy in St George July 2018

So it is great to be back teaching yoga for pregnancy and the next 6 week course will start on Monday 9th July, 5.30-6.45pm. £60. We do pelvic floor exercises, breathing techniques, general exercises that are beneficial in pregnancy and birth preparation.

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Pregnancy Yoga class restarts

After a very long break, I am restarting the pregnancy yoga class. It will be on Mondays from 5.30-6.45pm. The next course starts on Monday 14th May and  is £60 for 6 weeks. I’m looking forward to doing it again and meeting the next generation of mums-to-be! Sally xPregnancy Yoga

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Price change

Finally, after about 8 years, I am putting the price of the Monday night class up. I have tried to keep it as low as I can for as long as possible but costs are going up, I’m afraid. It still compares very favourably with yoga classes in town.

The Monday class will now be £7 for an hour. 7-8pm

yoga hearts bliss

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Live Up – meditation cloaks and cushions

I’d like to recommend the following website for lovely meditation cloaks and cushions.

Product Details    Product Details

They are designed by Anthony Farrow and his partner Rita. Anthony is the son of one of my longest standing yoga students, Ligia, who comes to the Monday night class.

You can also find their products here:

Cushions –
Cloaks –




There is also some free meditation guidance/inspiration here:

Enjoy the products and let them know what you think of them!

love and light, Sally

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Find this week’s meditations on my blog!

Following a request, I’ve decided to try and put up some of the meditations and readings that I do in class every week. So here is the link for this week’s class:

This week we did a meditation from Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s book The Dance. Do let me know if you have any comments or requests. See you soon! xx


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The kneeling sun salutation – photo guide

For those of you who come to my Monday night class regularly, you will be familiar with our kneeling sun salutation – this is it in a nutshell. It’s suitable for anyone really and a lovely way to stretch and wake up the body. No difficult back bends involved, just focus on the breath.

Inhale arms overhead to start, exhale forwards into child’s pose, inhale onto hand and knees and arch forwards, exhale into downward facing dog, inhale hands and knees down, exhale round your back and roll back to child’s pose. Keep a gentle lift in the abdominal/pelvic floor muscles, particularly as you move up and down from child’s pose.


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Yin Yoga – no resistance

I went to a lovely 2-hour yin yoga workshop yesterday with Lila Conway of yogaprema.half saddleLots of postures held for several minutes in a meditative fashion. This is half saddle above.

These deeply held postures work the connective tissue and ligaments, rather than just the surface muscle fibres. As Lila says, “our issues are in our tissues”.

forward bend

Try this and hold it for at least 3 minutes – maybe put a bolster or cushion across your lap and a block to rest your head on, if you can’t fold far forwards. It’s all about finding a place where you are comfortably stretching yourself, at your “edge”. But don’t go too far. Make sure you can breathe and then you can focus on being there and being still. Enjoy it. Don’t resist it.

Look for where you create resistance in yourself, both physically and emotionally and relax.

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Yogic breathing to help PTSD and stress

A really interesting article came my way today about a study of veterans with PTSD using yoga and meditation techniques to overcome their symptoms.

The article says that the techniques used were something called Sudarshan Kriya which is taught by the Art of Living Foundation. They have put together a series of yogic breathing techniques, combining fast and slow breathing, to regulate the body and mind.

I’m going to look into this myself and maybe try and do one of their training courses at some point. It sounds interesting! Just more evidence of how useful yoga can be on so many levels, it’s not just about stretching and toning…

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Mudra for asthma/respiratory problems

Bronchial mudra

I love mudras, as anyone who comes to my yoga class will know! These, put simply, are the hand gestures used in yoga and meditation. They can be used to focus the mind while meditating (most people are familiar with chin mudra, most often seen in people meditating – index finger and thumb touching, other 3 fingers straight – see pic below.)

chin mudra

The mudras work on similar pressure points to those found in the feet in reflexology. They can stimulate physical parts of the body, but also stimulate emotional/mental states. You usually have a visualisation and affirmation linked to the mudra.

Last night in class we did the bronchial mudra.

Both hands as above, little finger at base of thumb, ring finger on first joint, middle finger pressing pad of thumb, index finger straight. Do this for 5 minutes 5 times a day. In an acute attack of asthma, use this for 4-6 minutes, then the asthma mudra (can be found on line too).

Interestingly my book says people with respiratory problems often suffer from loneliness and isolation – too much detachment from the outer world or find it difficult to set boundaries. They find themselves plagued by other people’s duties and problems. This leads to stress so these poeple are pressed for time and out of breath. A general physical weakness is caused by this shallow breathing. When strength is reduced, weakness occurs on the mental-emotional level as well as the physical level.

Do any yoga breathing exercise to strengthen the lungs.


Do this while holding the mudra:
Direct your awareness to your pelvic floor.
Inhaling, count to 7 and take your awareness from your pelvic floor slowly to the crown of the head (you may visualise the chakras as you do so, if you wish
Hold your breath for 5 seconds at the top of the inhalation.
Exhaling, take your awareness back down the body, counting from 7 to 1. Pause before breathing in again.
The pauses are very important after each inhalation/exhalation.


Every breath gives me strength. It strengthens my body, mind and soul.

Enjoy and let me know if it helps!

(Thanks to Girtrud Hirschi and her amazing book of mudras!)

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