Warm and welcoming classes of gentle, spiritual yoga and meditation, to enhance your emotional wellbeing, suitable for all ages, with Sally Davies in Bristol. Rediscover the joy in your life!

General Yoga: Monday 7-8pm £7
St George Community Centre, Drop in,
Mindful Yoga & Meditation

Pregnancy Yoga, Cancelled 

Yoga & Walking Workshops 2019
Westwood, Wilts, Saturday 8th June £45

Clevedon, Sunday 13th October 2019, 10-5, £48

Birth Preparation Workshops for couples (here) on request

*Find meditations from class on my blog here! (Plus 10-min relaxation here)

General Yoga Emotional Wellbeing Workshops
General Yoga Postnatal Yoga Yoga & Walking

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Yoga & Walking Weekends with Bristol Yoga Bliss

Walking in Clevedon

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Meditation and healing techniques here

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